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About Us

Magnus Dental Practice Ltd is a well established private dental practice, conveniently situated in Queen Street, in the centre of Newton Abbot. We offer a wide range of modern treatment procedures in a friendly , relaxed environment. Our main focus is to make our patients dentally fit by using a non-invasive and preventative approach where possible. Please contact us for any enquiries or to book an appointment.

Why come to us?

Magnus Dental Practice is a traditionally set up family run dental practice. This means that Magnus Paulsson himself is the dentist and owner of the practice, therefore responsible for everything that happens at the surgery.

modern dental care

We deliver modern dental care focused on prevention and maintenance. On the whole we want to meet our patients’ demands and needs in every way we can. This means we concentrate on the whole experience, not just the actual treatment.


As our patient you will always see the same dentist, Magnus Paulsson. Continuity in care is important since Magnus will get to know you and your teeth.

same day emergency treatment

As our patient you will have access to same day emergency treatment, even for small things like minor chips from teeth or loose crowns.


As our patient we can offer you any preventative treatment such as scale and polish on the same appointment as your exam. Many people find it inconvenient to have to rebook for oral hygiene treatment.


Most of our patients are registered with Denplan for their routine dentistry. For peace of mind and to help assist with budgeting for your dentistry, we strongly recommend Denplan. From as little as £13.65 per month you can get a basic insurance. We also offer all inclusive options. Please contact us for further information. Denplan also includes an extensive UK out of hours emergency policy, INCLUDING Worldwide cover.

We are proud to be accredited with Denplan Excel. This means that we are committed to a set of exacting standards to ensure the provision of excellent dental care and safety.

We offer a wide range of dental treatments

- Routine care and advice- Hygiene treatment - White fillings - Root canal treatment - Crowns - Bridges - Dental implants - Dentures - Veneers - Tooth Whitening

General Dentisty/

We always use tooth coloured materials. We use a nearby local dental laboratory for crowns, bridges and dentures. Porcelain inlays are also a very good choice of restoration for durability and aestethics. Rubberdams are routinely used for most restorations. A Rubberdam is a bit of ”dental scaffolding”, a rubber cloth that separates your tooth during treatment and stops water from going down your mouth and throat during treatment.

Endodontic treatment/

This means root canal treatment. Magnus has a special interest in this field and uses digital x-ray technology and rotating nickel-titanium files for preparation. Also here , Rubberdams are used without exception.

Periodontal treatment/

This means the treatment of gum problems like receding gums. This is one of the most important areas of dentistry. If you suffer from periodontitis you may need to attend every 3 months for oral hygiene treatment. Milder cases and gingivitis can be controlled by six monthly hygiene treatments such as scale and polish and oral health instruction.

/Dental Implants

We offer replacement teeth with dental implants by Straumann. This is predictable way to replace missing teeth for fixed strong teeth that will last a long time and look great! Each case is individual and requires careful planning. We accept referrals from other dentists for dental implant treatment as well as offering it to our own patients.

Surgical treatment/

Most surgical procedures are carried out in our surgery. Being a dental implant practice, we have the facilities and the level of cross infection control to carry out extractions, surgical extractions and implant placements safely on site. We can also refer to a specialist locally for more advanced treatment or biopsies of suspected lesions of the oral cavity.

/Aesthetic Treatment

Tooth whitening is available at this surgery

Please contact us for any enquiries or to book an appointment.


Magnus Paulsson
DDS Karolinska instititet
Stockhlom Sweden 1997
MSc Restorative Dentistry
GDC registration number 73531

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Awarded the Denplan Excel accreditation for quality in dentistry since 2013


Established in Newton Abbot since 2007

199 +

Great customer feed back


Years experience

prices and plan

Remember as a Denplan Patient you get all of the below treatment included!*

New Patient Consultation incl. X-rays


Regular Consultation incl. X-rays


Emergency appointment for non-registered patient


Child Consultation (without parent)


Child Consultation (together with parent)

£Age of child

Study Models


Digital X-ray


Panoral X-ray


Scale and polish (at the same time as consultation)


Scale and polish (separate appointment)


Periodontal treatment session


Restorative Treatment

Filling (one surface)


Filling (Two surfaces)


Filling (Three or more surfaces)


Porcelain inlay


Gold inlay




Crown with Post


Conventional Bridges per Unit


Acid Etch Bridges per Tooth


Porcelain Veneer


Implant retained Crown (incl implant)


Addition for bone grafting if needed


Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – front tooth


Root Canal Treatment – premolar


Root Canal Treatment – molar


Dentures etc

Full Upper Denture


Full Lower Denture


Acrylic Partial Denture single Tooth


Acrylic Partial Denture more than one tooth


Metal Partial Denture


Michigan Occlusal Splint


Soft Mouth Guard


Extractions and Surgery



Surgical Extraction


Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Minor Oral Surgery


Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening treatment with Home Kit


Remember, as a Denplan Care Patient you get all your general dentistry included!*

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